The Polyultrarunner Introduction


Hello Everyone!

I created this blog to start communicating with you about my unique life as an ultra endurance athlete and as the female of a polyandrous relationship with my husband and boyfriend. Polyandry is when a female has more than one male partner or relationship. I’m hoping to share some of the ups and downs of the relationship we have learned from and share what we have developed over the years. I am also an avid runner and am drawn to endurance sports which allows me to discover myself in a way I never have experienced before.  I hope to share accomplishments in my upcoming competitions, endurance training tips that have worked for me and those that have not. This will be for better health in general. I hope to share some of the aspects of my personal life in hopes that people can relate to it and it will spark some interest and understanding of alternative relationships. I would love feedback and interaction when possible which will also promote more topics of interest that you may want to discuss in the future. Hope you enjoy the blog, thank you!

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