Traveling with my Boys…

As a person who loves to travel, the three of us spend a good bit of time on adventures. Most of our traveling involves a running race of some sort but we try to throw in a few non-exercise centered trips as well. A few times during the summer we go to Paradise Valley which is a clothing optional resort in GA. Matt is a nudist at heart so we make it a priority to go where he can be free and happy in his most natural state. Mark and I have grown to appreciate and crave the nude vacations as well, especially when we see the happiness and positive energy Matt radiates the whole time we are there.

Traveling has not always been so easy as I am sure anyone with passengers can attest to at one point or another. I tend to be the one who likes to start driving early, with little stops and have everything just right as we begin. The boys take a much more laid back approach and get on my nerves as I try to herd them out of the house! It’s like getting a litter of puppies into a small room with the door stuck open.

I try to take the opportunity of all of us being together for an extended period of time to educate ourselves, communicate, and laugh. We listen to podcasts about relationships, fighting nicely, polyamory, and discuss how we all feel about it. This has allowed us to learn and grow together. Fortunately, Matt and Mark are very laid back unless they feel like their character is being attacked so we don’t have too many disagreements that escalate into a problem and hurt feelings. It helps that Matt and Mark get along so well and are friends independent of me.

Matt worried in the beginning that he was deficient in some way for me to want to seek another person to be a part of my life. Once he realized and saw that I was very happy and in love with him he accepted the poly lifestyle with great maturity. He has always been a very supportive husband but this was a big challenge for both of us. The one I felt was worth it and was right. In the beginning, I would talk to him and reassure him over and over that we were good. At his own time, he figured out his feelings and realized this was a good thing for us. The point is that I don’t think we could have rushed the acceptance and understanding stage. We each had to take a step, figure out how we felt, communicate it and then support each other’s feelings. Easier said than done.

We do take trips altogether, Mark and I alone, Matt and I alone, and sometimes I go solo. This is usually due to convenience or focuses of a race. It’s good to have one on one time and to make that a priority. After all, these are two independent relationships that I work hard to nurture.

Feel free to comment and questions, or thoughts you may have.

2 thoughts on “Traveling with my Boys…

  1. Stephanie, I am FINALLY getting around to reading this blog from the beginning. I will be honest and say that my interest is primarily with the polyamory aspect, but please be assured that I whole heartedly support you in both endeavors! Thus far, I am FASCINATED with this! So, rather than continuing my binge watching of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and other sci-fi / fantasy programming, I am happy to “binge read” your blog! Look forward to it all, and hope to see you and BOTH of your boys one day soon! Wouldn’t it be a HOOT if the 3 of you came to Bonclarken one year! Oh my…


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