Run Naked!….For Real…

img_5545I have always supported my husband being a nudist and embracing what he enjoys. This has led us to many adventures, one of which includes the Fig Leaf 5K at Paradise Valley in GA. 5 years ago he did a search for a nude run and the link to the Fig Leaf race popped up. We checked it out and in April of 2011, signed up for our first naked 5K race. I was excited and a little nervous as we drove to the nudist resort. Once we were there we had the most amazing time. It is a beautiful resort with pools, hot tubs, a dance party at night, food that they provide, and plenty of places to explore and hike. Matt was in his element being able to freely walk around in his birthday suit without any worries. His happiness was completely contagious and the whole experience was amazing.

Saturday morning was the actual event. We showed up at the starting line ready to run. Just minutes before the race began I took off my clothes but kept my thong on for comfort. Most people were completely nude but there were many people that would have a little clothing on here and there. It was not a requirement to run the race nude but it was an experience most people were there to embrace. Matt was beaming ear to ear the whole time. I was surprised at how many runners there were. There was over 200 and each year it has grown significantly.

The race went very well. The course was actually pretty difficult considering some steep hills that we had to repeatedly cover. I ended up winning first place in my age group which was a surprise. After the race, we had a nice talk with the winner of the race who has won it consistently for many years. His prize is a free stay at the resort each year for the next race so enjoys coming back to keep winning the race and having a fun vacation in the process. After the race, everyone just hangs around the pool to chat and make new friends. The nudist community is so welcoming and friendly that we have made it a point return to Paradise Valley a few times each summer. Over the years Matt has run the race each year. Sometimes I run and sometimes I enjoy being support for him. Last year we both ran and both won the 2nd place in our age group. It’s a lot of fun and such an exhilarating race.

Running should be fun. It’s a little scary to step outside of your comfort zone but well worth it most of the time. We look forward to the Fig Leaf 5K every year and have discovered a great place to vacation in the process. We have made some great friends while there as well that we look forward to seeing each visit. Even if running nude is not exactly a person’s preference I think an effort should be made to support the person that seeks the experience. I am most definitely not as an enthusiastic nudist as Matt is but completely support his passion for it and enjoy it with him up to the level that I feel comfortable. You are not required to be nude in any area of the resort; although you do stand out a bit if you are covered in clothes. No one judges you for your clothes or comfort level though.

People have asked us many times what kinds of people are there and what do they look like. The response I give has been carefully thought about and here it is. There are all types of people there, from small to large. Everyone has imperfections and parts about themselves they don’t like. You don’t have to look like a supermodel to go and have a good time. It bothers me a lot when people say that they don’t want to see “ugly” or “large” people. This is extremely rude in my opinion and I let them know it. Everyone is entitled to enjoying wonderful experiences with people they love and care about, or even alone. Not one person should miss out on an opportunity to visit a nudist resort because of the way they look. It is all about the experience and how much fun it is to feel free. We started taking Mark with us shortly after we met and he was very uncomfortable removing his clothes for a long time. We did not push him to do it and let him move at his own pace. It took almost two years before he was ready to get completely nude and that was totally fine. I still don’t remove my panties and just feel more comfortable having them on and that’s okay too. It’s all about having a great time, feeling free, making new friends, and enjoying a new experience.

Here is some common etiquette of a nudist resort. Since we have gone to visit countless times over the past few years I thought I would share some of the etiquettes of going to a place like that. First off, privacy is most important. There are absolutely no pictures allowed. Respect and safety is a close second. Anyone caught taking photos or harassing anyone in any way are promptly kicked out and many times banned considering the situation. People are in a vulnerable environment and so comfort and safety are a high priority. It is also customary to wear some type of clothing when you are around food or eating. A towel is also used to sit on if you go to sit on any furniture in the buff.

People ask us often about what we do when Matt or any male gets an erection. I have two answers for this. The official answer is to not draw attention to it. Either go into the pool until things calm down, or flip onto your stomach on a lounge chair, or even wrap a towel around your lower half. The fun answer is that from time to time when I am in a goofy mood I like to be bad and create this situation with Matt or Mark. I don’t exactly promote this behavior for other people but for those two I can get away with a little teasing. When you know exactly what you can do to get such a reaction it can be really fun to have that power. I don’t use it very often at all but have been guilty of it. Matt is really fun since he is so animated with everything he does and has fun with it. He usually has to go jump in the water or tan his back for a while. He is a good sport about it and doesn’t mind me pushing his limits a little bit.

I feel that if you get the opportunity to try something new you should go for it. You might really love it and that can open doors to more opportunity. Do it in support of the people you care about. Step out of your comfort zone a little but remain comfortable within yourself. No point in doing something that scares you to death or makes you feel terrible. I think we often get opportunities to try new things but don’t always take them. Matt and Mark support me a lot in my endurance goals and I like to support them in what they enjoy doing. Mark loves to play disc golf and while it is not exactly what interests me I am more than happy to walk around the course with him, hold his bag, and watch him play. In these experiences, we have had great conversation and have seen some beautiful courses that were really fun to explore. We all try to make spending time with each other doing what they enjoy and supporting what they like. This has brought us closer together in many ways.

4 thoughts on “Run Naked!….For Real…

  1. Incredibly cool people! Can y’all clone yourselves? Because we need more cool people like you in the world.

    With luck I might encounter you in my travels this summer as I, too, hope to participate in some nude fun runs.


  2. So far this is one of my favorite blogs. I mean I have enjoyed reading all your blogs. I have been daring to try to visit a nudist colony but have been scared too and there’s one not to far from my house less than 5 miles. Thanks for answering some of the questions I’ve been wondering about. You’ve been inspired. Love you Steph.


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