Where I’m Going From Here in My Running Career….

img_0586Having plans makes me excited about the future and this would include having races on the calendar for 2017. It is looking like a very busy year of trips and races and I am so thrilled about them all! First off, I am grateful for the opportunity and ability to be able to participate in them. The unknown can be a little scary at times but I know so many great adventures will be had in 2017! I have been taking it easy for half of November and all of December so I can gear up again in January for what I hope to be a successful running and Ironman year. Here is what I have planned:

7-100 Mile races

1-51 Mile race

1-Full Ironman

This will be the order and locations of the races I will be at in 2017:

  1. Destin (100 Miles)-Destin Fl. Feb. 18-19.
  2. Badwater Cape Fear (51 Miles)-Bald Head Island NC. March 18.
  3. Indiana Trail (100 Miles)-Albion, IN. April 29-30.
  4. Key West (100 Miles)-Key West, FL. May 20-21.
  5. Kettle Moraine (100 Miles)-Lagrange, WI. June 3-4.
  6. Mohican (100 Miles)-Loudonville, OH. June 17-18.
  7. Burning River (100 Miles)-Cuyahoga, OH. July 29-30.
  8. Hallucination (100 Miles)-Pinckney, MI. Sept. 8-10.
  9. Ironman Chattanooga (Full 144.6)-Chattanooga, TN. Sept. 24.

The Super Slam challenge is anyone that completes races 3,5,6,7, and 8 in one year. That is 5-100 mile races. I’m really excited to be doing this challenge. I know I won’t do them fast but have confidence that I can complete the challenge in the required time frames. I will have race support at every race which is a huge honor to the various people who will be going on these adventures with me. Sharing these trips with people I care very much about makes them even better.

I am drawn to a busy racing year for the physical challenge and the self-discovery I will embrace along the way. The opportunity to see this beautiful country and meet some awesome runners along the way is also a draw to the sport. These challenges are a way that I can put myself into a very humbling experience. When you put your mind and body into an intense situation you realize things that you normally would not. You experience people trying to help you, encourage you, motivate you, and live with you in a very exceptional way. I am so grateful for each and every one of those experiences. I feel I can see the beauty in the world and in people when I get to that level which is another reason why I love these races so much.

I also hope to gain some more knowledge and experience on the strategy it takes to get through such a challenge. I want to become a more efficient runner so I can reach my next goal of running a 200 mile race one day, possibly 2018. So much goes into a race for it to be successful and experience is the key to figuring all that out for each individual. It’s not as easy as reading about someone’s experience and then making it happen for you. Each person is so unique and you have to figure out exactly what works best for you and when to apply it. For example, many people will drink coca cola during their race for that extra boost and sugar spike. I have tried soda and it tears up my stomach every time.

Another draw is the bonds I will get to strengthen or create along the way. You really get to know a person when you spend hours together in a car or during the race when they see you at some pretty rough moments. I never know what I will think of or say towards the end of a race but I know it will be really silly, enlightening, or grateful. These experiences are a great way to live life to the fullest and to do so with people I value in my life. I look forward to sharing my experiences as they come and hopefully helping other runners out there learn a thing or two.

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