“The Trail Will Provide”

Day 26. After two days of rest with a trail angel at his home with his wife I am back on the trail. I spent the majority of the day reflecting on human kindness. He generously opened his home to me for the past two days and could not have been any nicer. It was […]

Listen to your gut feeling 😳

Day 20 Had a good time visiting with family that came to see me, Janice, André, and Matt. They picked me up at Allen Gap and took me to a town near by. I took my first zero day to spend time with them and it was very much needed and a lot of fun. […]

Snow Everywhere!

Day 19. Yesterday and today have been the most difficult hiking days yet! Hiking through so much snow that has come up to my knees at times has been slow and difficult. It was quite a bit elevation climbing after I got out of the Smokies which caused a lot of cold weather in the […]

The Great Smokey Mountains

Day 11: Today was a drizzly, rainy day but my longest hiking day so far. I was able to hike right through the Nantahala outdoor center and stopped for lunch and packed out a big pizza. I hiked 18.6 miles that day. I hiked into the night and was able to use my headlamp for […]

New gear!!

Day 8. Today I hiked to the Rock Gap shelter which was a little over 12 miles. Not a bad day and beautiful views. I got to the shelter early but did not want to push on to the next campsite or shelter because it would’ve been very dark by the time I got there […]

Wet Noodle: AT Adventure

Day 5 Last night I got into camp with two hikers that I had met the previous night. I was given the honor of giving one of the hikers a trail name. He was a very young guy right out of high school and he was an Eagle Scout. He was working on starting a […]